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Saturday, June 8, 2019

12:00 noon- 4:00 pm


9610 Good Luck Road, Lanham, MD 20706

Training will be realistic, thought provoking, proactive, strategic, specialized &

customized to meet your small business individual needs for building future

legacies for the next generation.

Topics will include:

  • Topics will include:

  • Getting ready and prepared to do business

  • Understanding your target market

  • Understanding the customer culture

  • Having a great business and strategic plan

  • Having the right team

  • Having the right accounting system

  • Financial support

  • Being set-apart from your competitors

  • Bid vs. No bid decisions

  • Helping the customer to justify their existence

  • Products vs. Services

  • Understanding Subpart 19

  • Contract vehicles

  • Appropriate legal, certifications and registrations

  • Doing your research

  • Strategic business solutions and effective marketing strategies

  • Effective presentations and meetings

  • Developing customer service relations strategies and follow-up

  • Resources and networking

  • Succession planning 

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