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Our USSMC TEDBA and USSMC VTEDBA program is an entrepreneurship program for the Small Business and Veteran Small Business Community that address all aspects of business and grants for small business programs.


This twelve month program will be supported by adjunct resources and a comprehensive structure that will be required for the Small Business or Veteran Small Business to be successful. Individual participants of this program will completely leave a legacy for the United States social economic critical times. This effort will fully develop small businesses through entrepreneurship and self employment. USSMC will serve as a partner to several agencies Program to ensure that small businesses who desire to start their own businesses will be able to do so effectively.


Training participants will also receive information on the SBA's Subpart 19 small business programs to include: the 8(a) development program, the new 8(m) women set-aside program, the service-disabled and veteran-owned small businesses, the hub-zone program, the mentor protégé program, the partial and total small business programs. The GSA Schedule Process and Green program initiative will also be reviewed. 


Overall this program will show the training participants how to assess, understand, prepare and relate to their federal, state, local government, and commercial customers. We will show you how it's really done and prepare your business for success using real-life principles and scenarios. We are also able to help you obtain your 8(a), GSA Schedule, and Hub zone. If you are not a service-disabled vet, we provide you with information on the process thru our clearinghouse service.


A full range of professional CEO executive coaching, leadership development, career services will be provided. This program will consist of twelve (12) modules of practical educational and entrepreneurship training curriculum and additional resources administered through our (TEDBA) for all types of small businesses. Training will be offered online or in person. Please see below our online technology that supports registration and various resources for veterans.


USSMC’s Overview of Training Education Development Business Academy Program Requirements


During the twelve-month period, each training recipient has the option of participating in instructor-led, phone conferences, or online training services. This service can be administered at our beautiful state-of-the-art training facility 4870 Sadler Road Suite 300, Glen Allen, VA 23060, or Melford Plaza One 16701 Melford Blvd Suite 400, Bowie, MD 20715. The classes are intimate and conducive for learning. If at your location, the cost for travel and lodging will be an additional cost. We want to see you succeed. During this nine or twelve-month period, monthly consulting services will be provided as scheduled in blocks of 2 hours per week or up to 8 hours a month depending on the needs of the client and how the service is administered and agreed upon w/client.


TEDBA/VTEDBA Program Benefits

  • Affordable Pricing Structure for Participants

  • Small Business Customer Based

  • Small Business Individualized Work Plan

  • Project Management/Case Management

  • Training

  • Entrepreneurship Skills

  • Leadership Development Training

  • Life Skills, Seminars, Workshops

  • Self-Employment and Career Skills

  • Vocational Technical Training Skills for Preparation of Self Employment

  • Green Program Construction/Engineering Training

  • IT Training (hardware/software)

  • Training for underutilized occupations

  • ROTC Mentorship with Students and Vet graduates (UVORTIC) and (Center MIS)

  • Online Training/ Online Library

  • Internal and External Resources

  • Employment Agencies/Placement

  • Government Agencies/Financial Institutions

  • Staff Work Plans/Strategic /Tactical Plans

  • Quality Control Reports/Process and Impact Evaluation

  • Customer Service Relations Team for each area

  • Clearinghouse Help Desk Support

  • Accountability Measures set for the Small Business and Veteran Business Client

  • Program Evaluation Justification

  • Internal Database Reporting

  • Report Participation Levels Evaluation

  • Customer Service Evaluation

  • Proactive business strategies, value-added, results-driven, streamlined, process-oriented infrastructure




The project will support our troops who have so valiantly served our country; therefore this project/activity serve as a corner stone in giving our veterans there life back in the form of personalized counseling, career, business and training!

A full range of professionals executive coaching, leadership development, educational, entrepreneurship training services and additional resources in it's training education and development academy (VTEDBA) for veterans and services able veterans. 

The following services will be offered:

  • Assessments

  • Various profile tools

  • Coaching

  • Instructor lead and online training

  • Employment options

  • Referral to various supportive resources

  • Solid management processes

  • Mentorship

Our VTEDBA accountability systems will focus on measurable outcome and perform its goals required for veterans and yet align our veteran customers with VBA's programs priority, this program was accepted to ninety coordinators nationally in Leesburg Virginia​.

VTEDBA is for small  business who are veterans who want to learn how to apply academic education, job experience or military training to business practices. Small Business who seek a comprehensive entrepreneurship training and mentorship program with management consulting and technical assistance.


Our USSMC VTEDCA is a comprehensive training program on developing careers for veterans, how to pursue jobs, and occupations, how to interview, how to dress, writing resumes, how to identify all resources, and how to present themselves and become competitive in the job market and various core competency skill set inventories will be addressed. Our company will also give first preference to eligible Veterans upon award of appropriate contract.


Our President/CEO fights hard for our small businesses and veteran small businesses and is embarking on a serious veteran mission. 


For more information complete Small Business Training Assessment Overview under the Small Business Training Services area.

Other information is forthcoming. Contact Mr. Bill Robinson, Program Manager. 


Email Address: Other information is forthcoming.

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