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USSMC Contract Services


USSMC provides the following services:

  • Contract Acquisition Training

  • Financial Management

  • Contract Business Process Reengineering

  • Contract Close Out and Support,

  • Supply Chain Management, Property Management (Asset

  • Management), Contract Acquisition Training and Financial

  • Management

  • Familiarity with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and DFARS

  • Firm Fixed Price Contracts

  • Cost Reimbursement Contracts

  • Incentive Contracts

  • Performance Based Contracts

  • Cost Plus Award Fee Contracts

  • Cost Plus Incentive Fee Contracts

  • Indefinite Delivery Contracts

  • Definite Quality Contracts

  • Time and Materials Contract

  • Time and Material, Labor Hour, Letter Contracts and other acquisitions legal processes relating to Contracts. 

We also have several retired Contracts Officers and Contracts Specialists who are apart of our professional team.

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