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USSMC Information Technology Services


USSMC's full-service information technology firm - was founded to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of information technology development nationally and worldwide. Most customers have turned to us to help them improve their secured technology development efforts to better meet strategic organizational requirements.


  • USSMC's services have served several industries and areas to include:

  • Federal and State Government

  • Banking and Finance

  • Commercial

  • Housing

  • Construction

  • Logistical Support and Supply Chain Management

  • Trucking

  • Environmental

  • Legal

  • Architectural Engineering

  • Health

  • Defense

  • Satellite Telecommunications and Data Communications Industry

  • Utility Companies

Typical customers include medium-sized and large companies and government agencies that are either moving away from legacy systems or want to integrate legacy software with more modern technology/security platforms.



USSMC IT Services:


Our IT Consulting Services

USSMC IT Consulting Services help clients solve their data and information management challenges, streamlined approaches and processes and achieve real, supportable business value.

Our Consulting offerings are based on the constant changing IT environments and years of experience assisting customers, nationally and reviewing globally the overarching demands of the IT industry to better transform the needs of our IT environments into strategic business/corporate organizational assets. USSMC consultants are trusted advisors who help clients realize their goals for improved service levels and faster return on investment. Our team has participated in all areas of the Systems Development Life Cycle(SDLC) IT team of professionals represent the following specialty and clearable areas:

  • · Secret/TS/SBI/SCI Clearances

  • · Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certified,

  • · Black Belt Pending

  • · Program Managers

  • · PMP Certified Staff

  • · (CISSP), Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE),

  • · CISCO Certified Network Associate (CCNA), C++

  • · Information Assurance Manager/Specialists

  • · Quality Assurance Manager/Specialists

  • Senior Programmer /Analysts/Programmer/ Analysts

  • Software Engineers

  • Software Developers

  • Document Specialist

  • Database Administrators

  • Data Custodians

  • Data Management Specialists

  • Systems Architects

  • Systems Engineers

  • Systems Analysts

  • Business Process Analysts

  • Various Subject Matter Experts

  • Former Military/Federal CIO’s

  • Configuration Management

  • CRM/EDI Specialist

  • Network Administrator

  • and Telecommunications and Data Communications Experts

USSMC Consulting Services are delivered by a team of consultants and architects; data management specialists with in-depth industry, business, technology, and who are knowledgeable of various software acumen. These seasoned consultants have empowered a range of companies and agencies to embrace industry leading technologies that align with their unique corporate goals and business drivers. USSMC consultants help clients realize these goals in four strategic areas: Modern Data Protection, Documentation Archive and Compliance, Disaster Recovery, and Operations Optimization and CEH Professionals.


Our Consulting Services approach is highly collaborative. Consultants work closely with clients during a combination of facilitated workshop sessions, individual interviews, and team reviews to develop an in-depth understanding of their unique business, organizational and technology requirements. They then develop business-aligned design and implementation plans, in conjunction with key stakeholders, to meet those needs.


USSMC customer-centric approach for delivering on the promise of modern data environments brings confidence to our clients because their unique business requirements have been incorporated from the beginning. When data must be recovered quickly, reliably, and cost effectively our clients are assured that any underlying software implementation has been and will be designed, installed and configured in strict alignment with their corporate goals.


USSMC Consulting Services

  • Data Management Assessment

  • Architecture Design

  • Disaster Recovery Readiness and Policy Design

  • Cloud Infrastructure Design

  • Data Classification and Data Archive Policy Design

  • Records Management and Discovery Design

  • Virtual Data Protection Design

  • System and Optimization Assessment

  • Customer Relations Management (CRM)

  • Our IT services involve the following:

Web-Based Solutions:

We have an understanding of Microsoft’s technologies such Windows Server, Internet Information Server, and Active Server Platforms.

Web-based Version Management, which organizes, manages and protects software assets, supporting Web-based Issue Management that manages and communicates the many feature requests, defect reports, changes and project issues that can consume your organization’s time effective software configuration management (SCM) across an entire business enterprise.

  • Web-based Bug Tracking Solutions

  • Web-based Configuration Management

  • Web Streaming/Webcasting


USSMC uses tracking systems that can meet your agency’s specific needs. Web Hosting, Web Streaming, Social Media, and Cloud Computing.


Data and Information Management

  • Modernization Backup and Recovery

  • Data Recovery

  • Data Custodian

  • Managing and Protecting

  • Cloud Infrastructure Leveraging

  • COOP/ Documentation


Information Security,  Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence

  • IT Planning/ IT Security Planning

  • Intelligence Analysis

  • Licensed Penetration Testers

  • Information Assurance (IA)

  • Certified Information Systems Security

  • Cyber Security and customized business solutions using updated versions of  Microsoft SQL Server and other applications 


Programming Languages

  • Visual Basic

  • Java


  • CGI

  • Cold Fusion

  • XML, XSL, XSLT, ASP, JSP, J2EE, JavaScript, VBScript, PHP, CSS, HTML, XHTML, .NET, AMS, C/ANSI C/C++, Turbo C, UNIX Shell, AWK, SQL, Pascal, Turbo Pascal, FORTRAN, CommonLisp, Basic, SAS, Algol, Assembly


Enterprise Applications

  • Oracle

  • SAP


  • Microsoft-Hyper-V

  • Microsoft Exchange

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • Microsoft SharePoint

  • IBM DB2

  • IBM Lotus Notes

  • SYBASE/(XA, Replication Server), INFORMIX, ObjectStore, Objectivity, FOCUS, CLIPPER, Foxbase, UNIX/, Unify/Accell, dBase to name a few.


Professional Services:

  • Software/Equipment Buys

  • Maintenance Management

  • Data Management Maturity Assessments

  • Legacy ArchiveMigration

  • Customized Databases and Applications: We design customized databases and requests for both large and small businesses to allow organizations to track data and to analyze the state of their business.

  • Architecture Design

  • Disaster Recovery Readiness and Policy Design

  • Records Management and Design

  • Virtual Data Protection Design

  • Snapshot Management Design

  • Business/Management and Learning Management Systems

  • Computer Forensics and Enterprise Computing


Help Desk Operations and Support:

USSMC believes our IT Help Desk strategies are essential components of our customer's top information technology infrastructure needs. USSMC's understanding of your organization's needs and priorities for Help Desk and Planning support for its successful operation is the key to managing an efficient and effective IT Help Desk for our customer's specific customers and end users.


Our requirements for developing and maintaining a new Help Desk operation, refining and support ensures successful outcomes for our customer IT Help Desk support functions was managed appropriately.


Help Desk Operations:

Using an Information Technology Infrastructure Library ITIL®) based approach to IT service delivery, USSMC offers a full spectrum of help desk services to support 24x7x365 operations for our customers and their diverse end user community.


Whether we’re helping on-site services or answering calls, our help desk professionals can accurately and quickly prevent and resolve issues. Also, level one Help Desk support, we offer several types of level two, level three, and level four support including:


Desk Side Support:

Desk Side support teams are important in resolving issues related to desktops, laptops, PDAs, and peripherals that the first level was not able to solve. Our support team installs and configures computers for new users; repairs software or hardware issues; and provides workstation location moves.


Network Support :

Network groups are responsible for the network software, and infrastructures such as servers, switches, backup systems, and firewalls. They are responsible for the network services such as email, file, print, and security.


Server Support :

The server team is responsible managing the servers within the organization. Support includes Active Directory, network resource management, email accounts, and server software configuration and maintenance and may include advanced services such as database support, collaborative technology support, and whatever else your business requires.


Network Support :

The Telecom support team is responsible for the phone infrastructure such as PBX, voicemail, VOIP, telephone sets, modems and fax machines. Our technical professionals configure and move phone numbers and setup and configure voicemail.

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