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Marketing/Public Relations

USSMC Marketing Outreach and Public Relations Services


USSMC believes in creating, distributing, promoting, and pricing goods, services, and ideas to facilitate satisfying exchange relationships in a dynamic environment. USSMC seeks to provide complete research data to our clients, which can be used to target their customers in a full-scale marketing and advertising campaign. USSMC understands the purpose of marketing and advertising is to increase the client’s revenue by better attracting potential customers to use their product or service. We have a core group of professionals experienced in the areas of: research, marketing, advertising, project management, and public relations.

These services include Industry Trend Studies, Research Support, Logistical Support and Conference/Events Planning, Data Collection, Feasibility Studies, Public Relations and Survey Design to name a few.

USSMC’s Public Relations & Community Outreach Services:

USSMC specializes in the Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia and is becoming one of the leading public affairs and public relations firms. USSMC advises numerous corporate clients on political, governmental affairs and public relations issues. The firm also manages candidate and issue campaigns and major gift fundraising efforts throughout the Metropolitan area. USSMC works closely with clients to develop a comprehensive strategy to achieve a client's desired goals. We then assist our clients in implementing those strategies and evaluating the results. Our staff has the capability and the experience to convey every type of message, from the specific to the general, on topics ranging from land use to contract procurement. An extensive network of contacts in media, business, government, and community circles ensures that each client's message reaches the right audience and has the desired impact.

The following services are offered: Media Relations, Press Briefings and Material Production, Media Training, Special Event Coordination, Social Media Support, Promotional Site Tours, Direct Mail Production, (newsletters, brochures and letters), Video Production, Grassroots Organizing, Public Opinion Research, and Website Design.

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