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USSMC EEO and Project Management 

Tracking System and Other Related Trainings

“Advancing in Tracking Claims and Tasks”

USSMC’s EEO Tracking System: is an enterprise level web-based thin client application. This is designed to be the simplest, most powerful system on the market that effectively monitors workflow and EEO complaint-related issues and bases.


USSMC licenses its EEO Tracking System: (or any other USSMC custom-designed web based tracking system) as a perpetual license (132-33) for the life of that version number, with additional charges for maintenance and customization (132-34), plus training and on-site database administration (132-51). When a new version of the software becomes available with a different interface, new information, and/or more features, then a new set of perpetual licenses will be applied and the customer must purchase this new license.


USSMC’s EEO and Workflow Software: is usually used in conjunction with a consulting assignment. USSMC provides a multi-faceted EEO solution; the software includes an ongoing query and trigger alert system, database and report tool and processes plus extensive features and interoperability.


USSMC EEO Tracking System features include:

  • EEOC MD 110 and MD 715 compliant;

  • Section 508-Compliant;

  • Complete Online Form Solution;

  • Platform Independent Solution (Windows or UNIX)

  • Broad Database Compatibility, including SQL, ORACLE, or any ODBC database system;

  • Browser based interface very thin client

  • Low system maintenance requirements;

  • An easy to use system administration module;

  • Developed using internet standards for PHP

  • Built in Help Assistance Component

  • An online training module for use training.

  • Knowledge Management Component

  • ADR Capability conforming to 29 CFR 1614

Application Features:

  • Complete Level Browser Based Application

  • EEO Form 462

  • Section 508 Compliant

  • Platform Independent

  • Developed for Secure Environment

  • SSL Encrypted

Project Workflow Capability Feature includes:

  • Tracks workflow processes and document control

  • Tracks staff assignment, project responsibility and timelines

  • Tracks travel logistics

  • Tracks budget allocation and expenses

Other Areas of EEO Related Services:

  • Bystander Training

  • Sexual Harassment

  • Diversity Training

For More Information: 

Contact Mr. Bill Robinson, Program Manager - or or

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