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USSMC has several new Positions For You!

The ultimate goal of Job Centers and the Work Experience Program is to assist public assistance recipients in obtaining unsubsidized employment as quickly as possible. For those with the ability to become self-sufficient, our customer provides temporary supports including temporary public assistance, food stamps, health benefits, childcare, adult protective services, and eviction prevention.

The agency's ability to deliver services enables individuals and families to achieve their highest level of self-sufficiency. This depends on the agency's efficiency in the utilization of information technology, computer hardware, software, and telecommunications. ITS’ principal goal is to provide and continue to enhance the technology infrastructure and computer applications that are in place to support the present and future business requirements of all organizations within the agency. This infrastructure has enabled the agency to maximize and improve its ability to deliver timely, quality services to Customer clients and to the public within New York City, as well as obtain administrative benefits. 

The agency will provide automated functionality to support the following customer service and administrative requirements: 

  • Employment services/work engagement for job placement and training.

  • Benefit eligibility and disbursement for Family Assistance/Safety Net (Public Assistance), Food Stamps and Medicaid.

  • Social service eligibility and placement.

  • Agency financial claiming and reimbursement, fiscal budgeting and monitoring, contracts and procurement; and personnel timekeeping and payroll administration.

  • Support services for DHS operations discussed below.

Information Technology Services provides this functionality to Customer programs (service delivery) and support organizations using a number of administrative and technological activities listed below:

  • Full systems life cycle applications development on various computer platforms, including a variety of client eligibility and recertification systems, employment/work engagement services, revenue-producing computer matches, claiming systems, and personnel systems.

  • Data center computer services, including installation, operation and maintenance of hardware and software on customer Data Center computers.

  • The creation, mailing and delivery of benefits, reports, recertification notices, client job assignments, and client benefits.

  • The provision and support of an expanding Enhanced Office Automation (EOA) capability and computer applications through the Agency's Wide Area Network, Intranet, and Internet/E- government services.

  • The acquisition and management of voice, data and video communications in customer location

  • The setting of information technology policy and standards in the Department of Social Services as well as performing all data security requirements, information technology planning and acquisition activities and technical training within the Agency.

  • Software and hardware problem resolution.

ITS is committed to providing agency divisions and partners with a high level of information technology applications, services and satisfaction in a highly responsive manner. The combination of technologies, applications and services continues to be refined periodically through a continuous improvement process achieved by the partnership of ITS, customer programs, state agencies, outside service organizations, and contractors. This partnership is intended to ensure full alignment of a state-of-the-art information technology strategy with the business goals of the Agency and results in the information technology that fully supports and empowers Agency staff, clients and partners to maximize service delivery.

Please complete thisapplication and send the completed application and your resume now to 

The subject line of your email should be  USSMC- New York

 Positions in New York

The great news is, while we prefer applicants from the New York area, you do not have to live in New York to be considered for the position. There may be opportunities for remote positions.

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