unlimited services systems management and consultants, inc. - Providing Quality Professional Services for twenty-two years.


           "Helping Our Customers Reach Their Unlimited Potential!"

USSMC provides professional customer services for twenty-four years.

 Unlimited Services Systems Management and Consultants, Inc., (hereafter referred to as USSMC, Inc.) was founded 1985 and established in 1991 by Ms. Brenda A. Campbell, MSW, MBA, President/CEO. As of January 2014, celebrated its twenty-four (24) years in business. This organization was started as a minority veteran woman-owned small economically disadvantaged small business. The business was established on the premise of providing professional, competent solutions through an array of innovative, unique strategies. Our forums are designed to alleviate risks, barriers and issues to workplace productivity and performance requirements of our unique customer base. 

As a diversified progressive management consulting, logistical support, training, information technology/information assurance and engineering services company, our services offered supports the civilian and military government management’s strategic and tactical planning needs, decision-making, organizational development, human resource development, business operations and development, training development, conference/meeting/events services engineering and information technology solutions at a competitive, yet reasonable cost. 

operates from both a soft and hard side methodology in our delivery of system infrastructure building solutions, and business and organizational best practices. Our professional team’s expertise is comprised of backgrounds in business administration, social services management, management consulting, training, finance and banking, program/acquisition support engineering, healthcare support services and information technology.  The soft side offers management consulting, training, logistical support and other management services to address human resource development, business, and organizational development.

Initially, our hard side services offered by addressed general Information Technology requirements relating to all facets of customer programming, information security, disaster recovery,  application, software and hardware development needs. Today as our customer demands and priorities have changed, we have enhanced our services by offering social media, web streaming/webinars, the internet and web-based support solutions including cloud computing.

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