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Helping our customers reach their unlimited potential !

USSMC Training

USSMC equips organizations, executives, team leaders, and team members with the best industry standards for methods for performance improvement, performance management, and business planning. We have built a strong reputation for our quality training and applied learning process on a national level.

USSMC Training Philosophy: Unlimited Services Systems Management & Consultants, Inc., (USSMC, Inc.), believes that training, education and development are essential to the organizations human resource delivery in meeting the Mission and the Strategic Plan. This is the era of "pursuit of excellence", "high performance," and the "right stuff." When quality is returning to outcome, USSMC believes Training Effectiveness rebuilds any organization and prepares them for the rapid changes in technology, improves the quality of products and services, and increases the performance and productivity level.
Training also boosts the participant's motivation to do the job better. Education stressed in this module will consist of participant(s) learning new skills, knowledge and attitudes to assist in their present roles or in future roles.   The Development Modulprepared by USSMC will prepare participant(s) to keep pace with the organization as it changes and grows.
USSMC, Inc., recognizes Line Staff, New Managers, Middle Managers and Executive/Senior Level Managers in addressing the needs that are cited in this module. Each curriculum is tailored made to meet the needs of each level of participant(s).

Our training, education and development Mentor Protégé Program ensures that there is a smooth transitional process for the team of employees remaining whenever, the senior knowledge based staff or subject matter expert may leave their positions.

USSMC Organizational Cultural Analysis Tool: 

Our organizational cultural analysis instrument is completed before all participants completing any Special Training Initiative for any organization. It is designed to serve a three-fold purpose: 

  • Help customers identify aspects of your organization’s culture.
  • Help other members of the customer’s organization identify the following aspects of their  organization’s culture as it relates to the (roles, support, and power.)
  • Better prepares the USSMC team to understand the needs of your organization as it relates to vision, mission, objectives and strategies.

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