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Helping our customers reach their unlimited potential !



USSMC will help you with your Organizational Operational Needs:

 Whether its Business Process Reengineering
  Whether it is Strategic Planning
 Whether its a New Policy or Procedure
 Whether its assistance is needed to help your organization 
 Whether its Continuity of Operations or Transitional Planning
 Whether it is Organizational Cultural Analysis or Leadership Assessment Profile,Gap Analysis or a Job Analysis
 Whether its Consulting Services and Benchmarking and Developing Higher Performance Measures
 Whether its an Organizational Structural Change

USSMC's Proprietary Organizational Cultural Analysis Tool: 

Our organizational cultural analysis instrument is completed before all participants completing any Special Training Initiative for any organization. It is designed to serve a three-fold purpose: 

  • Help customers identify aspects of your organization’s culture.
  • Help other members of the customer’s organization identify the following aspects of their organization’s culture as it relates to the (roles, support, and power.)

  • Better prepares the USSMC team to understand the needs of your organization as it relates to vision, mission, objectives and strategies.

  1. Understand the End Result: We listen to our clients to understand the desired end result of the project. Our team will work with you to develop and document clearly defined goals and work to establish attainable timelines.

  2. Needs Assessment: A “scenario analysis” of the existing environment is essential to understanding the requirements and specifications of key stakeholders and what will be necessary
  3. to reach the desired goals. Prior to construction actions, the final requirements and specifications will be approved.

  4. Construct a customized plan: Based on the defined needs assessment, our curriculum designers will create a plan/product to satisfy the new approved requirements and specifications. This plan/product will be reviewed and refined until approved by key stakeholders.

  5. Implement: Our experts design the delivery based on the participants. Sessions are highly interactive, practical and the materials incorporate the pre-defined specifications. Individual action plans are developed to ensure "learning" is applied to the participant’s specific environment. Immediate application leads to increased effectiveness that is a significant benefit for the client.

  6. Evaluate & Improve: Upon execution of USSMC projects, we collect data from key stakeholders, participants and facilitators to incorporate feedback with the goal of continuous improvement for future executions. USSMC knows that Executive Leadership Coaching provides the guidance people need to achieve results.

Whether you seek confidential help getting started, specific guidance for one person, follow-on coaching for a group, or executive coaching as part of a larger learning and development initiative, USSMC's ’s coaching process provides comprehensive guidance for people working on their emotional intelligence and leadership skills.