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Helping our customers reach their unlimited potential !


USSMC's Hiring Policy:  It is USSMC's  policy to recruit, employ, promote and take other personnel actions without regard to race, color, religion, age, national origin, ancestry, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status, disability, genetic information, citizenship status, or membership in any other group protected by federal, state or local law.

College Students and Interns:
USSMC supports college interns and open up the doors for their continued growth and development through practical experience and ultimate corporate hiring, research and product development needs. We want our interns to grow and apply their educational experience to real life business scenarios everyday. We look forward to hearing from you and your school now.

Please send your school information and  field of interest resumes to: corpo[email protected]


USSMC respects the vets and salutes our veterans through employing them. We want our veterans to continue to leave legacies for the future mission of the United States.  USSMC supports and understands that transitioning your military experience into a civilian career may seem challenging but at USSMC you can make the most out of the skills you’ve acquired through your dedicated service and commitment. We are proud to honor you and your sacrifices.

Please send your resumes to:  [email protected]

  1. Trainers
  2. Audio Video
  3. Document Specialists
  4. Administrative Personnel
  5. Business Process Reengineering
  6. Business Analysts
  7. Project Managers
  8. Logistical Support Specialists
  9. System Engineers
  10. Web Developers and Web Designers
  11. Technical Writers
  12. Transcribers
  13. Contracts Specialists/Officers
  14. Quality Assurance Specialist/Managers
  15. Systems Analyst
  16. Human Resource Personnel
  17. Program Analyst
  18. Applications/Systems Programmers
  19. Software Developers
  20. Instructional Designers
  21. Scientists
  22. Financial Analysts
  23. Leadership Development Certified Coaches
  24. Network Administrators
  25. Database Administrators
  26. Systems Administrators
  27. Testers
  28. Event Coordinators
  29. Marketing Consultants
  30. Business Developers
  31. Graphic Designers
  32. Configuration Managers
  33. Event/Meeting Support Specialists
  34. Research Analysts
  35. Organizational Developers
  36. Information Technology and Information Assurance Experts

Other positions will also be posted on as needed basis.



USSMC offers competitive salaries based on the market and individual performance. Our rate ranges are determined by comprehensive market surveys according to skill, discipline and level. Our performance recognition approach is designed to continuously assess proper placement within the market range and recognize high performance 

Technical Achievement Awards and Service Recognition Awards also provide opportunities for peer recognition and promote job satisfaction. A healthy work-life balance is facilitated through a flexible work week and our “9/80” schedule. Annual Employee satisfaction surveys and the accompanying improvement projects identify opportunities for improvements in company-sponsored morale events, management practices, employee recognition, career development, benefits packages and many other aspects that contribute to job satisfaction, and ultimately employee retention. 


  • Group Term Life Insurance 
  • Short Term Disability 
  • Long Term Disability 
  • Personal Accident Insurance 
  • Life 
Having a full and balanced life on the job and outside of work is important to our employees.  

• Vacation
• Holidays
• Bereavement
• Jury Duty
• Military Leave

This is commensurate with the Federal Holiday Schedules


In addition, we offer outstanding medical coverage integrated with health and wellness programs to help employees get the most out of their quality of life -- at home and at work. 

Health Insurance, Prescription Drug, Dental, Vision. 
We have direct deposit and also 401(K). We pay 75% of the employee-only healthcare. 


  • Other Services include the following:
  • Direct Deposit
  • Credit Union
  • Life Insurance Protection
  • Flexible Spending account
  • Adoption Assistance
  • Commuter Expense 
  • Educational Reimbursement

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